about us

Dad / Thomas:

Right before Dad gets the "3" in front of his yearly counter the family headquarters decided to execute this project. So the 30 should happen in the "down under". Till now Dad was an average guy (okay- there were some exeptions ;-) and he went his daily way to office like all the rest (R&D for bicycles / Servicedept for car-wholesaler). He changed this to be a chauffeur and navigator, as well as a part time teacher and cook.


Mum / Andrea:

Mum´s strength is her extra ordinary patience which she got after years of practice. There are ladies around who complain about a double occupation.  It seems that Mum thinks different about this point, in spite of the three men in the house she still has time for office work. And it looks like all this and all the house work is still too little, so the idea and plan for this project miraculously manifested by itself!


Luke (big brother):

Just bevore entering the second grade Luke leaves the "normal" life again already. Since he was born he loved to travel. Besides the one or the other cycle trip to Sweden he cycled around New Zealand too. It looks that Luke wants to see the whole world as soon as possible to follow his dream job "farmer" soon.


Felix (the youngest):

„Felix the lucky one“ is a name that matches his appearance totally. Always a smile on his face - especially if there is Mum around. Like Dad, Felix decided not to celebrate his "3" at home, and when he is grown up one day he wants to become Luke...